Eight Books to help you understand what’s up with Palestine and Israel

This article was originally published on The Daily Vox.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has quite generated an incredible amount of literature and if you’re new to the history, it can be difficult to figure out where on earth to start reading. STUART LEWIS has put together a list of eight books that can help you understand what exactly is going on in the Holy Land.

1. A History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – Mark Tessler (1994)
Mark Tessler’s extensive history is predicated on the idea that the contest over land between Palestinian Arabs and Zionist Jews has always been the source of the conflict. So thorough as to be rather dry in some places, this book is a relatively balanced and fair-minded account of many of the factors that brought us to the modern conflict and is a great starting point for uninformed readers.

2. The Question of Palestine – Edward Said (1992)
Edward Said is considered to be one of the founders of post-colonialism, and for good reason. Though now quite a bit out of date, his book tackles the emergence of the modern Palestinian state and how it came into conflict with Israel and Zionism. A simple and clear account, this book is often prescribed reading for university courses dealing with the Israel-Palestine conflict.

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