5 things apartheid South Africa’s leaders had to say about Israel

This article was originally published on The Daily Vox.

Anyone interested in Israel-Palestine will know that pro-Palestine activists have been comparing the Israeli occupation of Gaza and the West Bank to apartheid South Africa for many years now. What you may not know is just how cozy the governments of both states actually were, with Israel even nearly selling  nuclear bombs to South Africa. STUART LEWIS rounds up five things the minds behind apartheid South Africa said about Israel.

1) Prime Minister Jan Smuts addressing the Jewish community in South Africa (organised by the South African Zionist Federation and the South African Jewish Board of Deputies in Johannesburg):“I need not remind you that the white people of South Africa, and especially the older Dutch population, has been brought up almost entirely on Jewish tradition. The Old Testament, the most wonderful literature ever thought out by the brain of man, the Old Testament has been the very marrow of Dutch culture here in South Africa … This is the basis of our culture in South Africa, that is the basis of our white culture, and it is the basis of your Jewish culture; and therefore we are standing together on a common platform, the greatest spiritual platform the world has ever seen. On that platform I want us to build the future South Africa.” (Source: Davis, Uri “Apartheid Israel” [2003]).

Read the full article here.


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