Surviving on the margins and “disturbing the robots”

This article was originally published on The Daily Vox.

If you’ve ever been to Rosebank, chances are you’ve driven past TELMORE MASANGUDZA, PETER KAZOWA and the display of beaded artworks they’ve sold at the corner of Jan Smuts Ave and Bolton Road for the last ten years. Stuart Lewis spoke to the two Zimbabwean artists about the falling rand, rising inequality and surviving harassment by the Metro police.

Telmore Masangudza (38) and Peter Kazowa (39) met in school back in their native Zimbabwe and have been friends ever since. While still students, they learned to make sculptures out of wire and beads and, since arriving together in South Africa in 2005, have made a living doing just that.

“We came here and we saw that our brothers were again doing these wire things. So we started to make them as well. We used to make a good living but not these days, things are very bad,” complains Masangudza as he threads blue beads onto the bare frame of what will be a life-sized rabbit.

Read the full article here.



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