‘Gotta do that painting’: an interview with @iwanttoartyou

Originally published in Cue.

“It never comes out the same way as the photo. Halfway through I get distracted and then do my own thing,” says Megan Leigh Moore, her head bent over her little sketchbook.

We’re lazing on the grass outside the Rhodes Journalism Department. She’s sitting cross-legged, with her phone balanced on her knee, open to the Instagram post she’s chosen. She’s sketching the outlines of today’s painting while the photographer bobs around trying to get the best angle on Moore’s pencil.

Moore and I have been interacting daily since Festival began. She searches through the #NAF2015 hashtag on Instagram every day, finds a picture that she likes and turns it into a little painting in her ring-bound book to post on her @iwanttoartyou account.

“The whole process only takes like 20 minutes, actually,” she confesses.

She’s been tagging the @cue.online account that I administer in each of her daily paintings and as per our promise in our bio, we’ve been reposting them to our followers. Today, though, we’re meeting face-to-face for the first time.

“Yesterday’s one was pretty cool,” she says. “I did a picture from one of the Mixing Bowl Productions’ shows and they really seemed to dig it.”



People have been responding really well in person to the second year BFA student’s paintings. The grinning ginger man in a bucket hut painted with galaxies she painted on day two was introduced to her the next day. “I’m like wait I know you. I’ve painted you. It was awesome,” she says.



She wants to do more paintings of people in shows, however: “I find if I do more of the shows and stuff like that I get more response than if it’s just some random person on the street”.

“I saw a show the other night actually. There was this guy playing blues guitar with a butter knife and a vibrator. And there was a girl. She had a piano, but the strings were exposed. She was playing on the strings instead of the keys. That was really cool. I wouldn’t mind painting something like that.”

She pauses, then adds quickly with a nervous laugh, “Not the vibrator, but the piano”.

Her motivation behind the daily #NAF2015 posts is largely trying to teach herself discipline in her art. “I’ve always wanted to get into the habit of doing a painting a day. I thought if people were expecting it then it would force me to do it,” says Moore.

This hasn’t always worked out so neatly in reality though: “Normally when I’m doing this, I’m in my pyjamas on the couch. I’m like ‘Oh, crap! It’s nearly the end of the day. Gotta do that painting’”.

Follow Megan Leigh Moore on Instagram at @iwanttoartyou


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