Review: Dear Breeder

Originally published in Cue.

A pre-school is an unusual location for a musical comedy, but the two-woman cast of Dear Breeder easily transform it into setting for a quirky, droll account of motherhood

The play opens as Ms. du Bois, a pre-school drama teacher played by Kasia Vosloo, and her partner decide to create a child. “Hey, baby, let’s make a baby,” croons du Bois along with her unseen lover, before the narrative follows her and three other mothers in the run up to the annual school nativity play.

While the newly-pregnant du Bois watches, the preparations come undone under the direction of a flurry of diverse mothers, all brought to life by Karen Logan.

Logan plays G, a career woman glued to her cell phone, and Lex, a free-spirited lesbian, as they collide to the detriment of the upcoming play, as well as to the dismay of supermom Janet. The ideas they throw around – from Islamic wise men to a genderless angel Gabriel – cause the religious Janet’s composure to fracture until she finally snaps.

Brimming with the completely irrational pride of parents in their children and influenced by the real-life motherhood experience of Vosloo and Logan, Dear Breeder is highly enjoyable and worth a watch.


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